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Not necessarily evil

(the Evil Tomble's occasional journal)

Evil Tomble
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This account mostly just to post in friends' journals; I mostly use my own site to blog instead. Insofaras I do much of that in the first place. OTOH I do sometimes post here too, just not so often, especially since Six Apart started filling the damn place up with adverts (contrary to their assurances before they bought it).

No connection to Livejournal's *other* Tomble, though we've exchanged a couple of friendly emails; no
connection to Tim Berners-Lee apart from the same initials; no connection to the "73Labs" site (is that even still around?), despite the appearance of my monogrammish avatar.

Just some geek. No-one much, really :)

Many of my interests shown below; I can't help noticing that a really huge number of people here are interested in cheese- more than even ice cream, it seems.
For a more thorough intro, you can read my first entry for great soporific elucidation :) Or not, it's kinda rambly and stupid.